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What Exactly is Green Coffee? Everything You Need to Know

    What Exactly is Green Coffee? Everything You Need to Know

    In recent years, green coffee’s popularity in the health and wellness industry has exploded.

    You may have heard of its reputation as a source of beneficial plant chemicals for health.

    The advantages and disadvantages of drinking green coffee are discussed in detail in this article.

    Simply put, what is “green coffee”?

    Regular coffee beans might be considered “green” if they haven’t been roasted yet.

    In addition to their extract being a popular nutritional supplement, green coffee beans may be bought in their complete form and brewed much like regular roasted coffee.

    Keep in mind that the milder flavor of this light green beverage means that it won’t taste anything like the roasted coffee you’re accustomed to. People have compared the flavor to herbal tea rather than coffee.

    However, although sharing a common ancestor with roasted coffee, its chemical makeup is quite distinct.

    It has a lot of chlorogenic acids, which are chemicals with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions and might have a lot of positive impacts on health (1Trusted Source).

    Chlorogenic acid is present in roasted coffee products at lower concentrations since most of it is destroyed during the roasting process (2Trusted Source).

    Is it effective as a diet aid?

    Dr. Oz, an American TV doctor and talk show personality, popularized green coffee extract as a miraculous weight reduction pill in 2012.

    Since then, several medical professionals have cast doubt on the claim that it has any effect on one’s weight.

    However, green coffee extract continues to be one of the most sought-after dietary aids for slimming down.

    Mice treated with the extract in a few short experiments showed substantial reductions in body weight and fat formation. Human trials, however, have had far less definitive results (3Trusted Source, 4Trusted Source).

    Green coffee has had mixed results in human studies. Some people lost weight in the research, however the studies were poorly conducted and had tiny samples (5Trusted Source).

    That being said, there is currently insufficient research to conclude that drinking green coffee can help you shed pounds. More extensive human research with good methodology are required.

    Acute side effects of caffeine overdose

    Green coffee beans, much like their roasted counterparts, contain caffeine in their unprocessed form.

    Most healthy individuals can consume coffee without worrying about harmful effects, but too much might cause anxiety, sleep disruptions, and high blood pressure (8Trusted Source).

    Caffeine content in black and green coffee is nearly the same per 8-ounce serving, at around 100 mg (8Trusted Source).

    Green coffee may have more caffeine than black coffee due to the roasting process destroying some of the caffeine, but the difference is probably minor (2Trusted Source).

    Comparatively, green coffee bean capsules typically contain between 20 and 50 milligrams of caffeine, however some brands offer decaffeinated versions.

    Possible adverse effects and hazards

    While green coffee has few immediate health dangers, there are several to be aware of.
    May impair bone health

    A 2-month animal research indicated that mice given daily dosages of green coffee extract had considerable calcium depletion in their bone tissue (9Trusted Source) (9Trusted Source).

    These data imply that long-term usage of green coffee supplements may damage bone health.

    Dosage Recommendations

    There is a lack of information on which to base green coffee dosage recommendations.

    Nonetheless, at least one research found no ill effects from taking 400 milligrams of green coffee extract twice a day (7Trusted Source).

    Talk to your doctor about the appropriate dosage of this extract if you’re thinking about taking it.

    The bottom line

    Green coffee is made from unroasted beans straight from the coffee plant.

    Its extract has gained popularity as a weight reduction aid, and preliminary study suggests that it may also help maintain normal blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

    There have been few reports of negative reactions, however the product’s high caffeine level might lead to discomfort for some.

    To be sure green coffee is healthy for you, talk to your doctor before introducing it to your regimen.

    The entire beans may also be ground into a powder to flavor food or used to brew a hot drink.

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